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 FIRST!!! SUP guys :D

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PostSubject: FIRST!!! SUP guys :D   Sun 08 Dec 2013, 14:43


youtube: https://www.youtube.com/xEnjobg

Yeahhh first introduction :Dwhat's up guys ;d I'm Enjo yep real "name" -- well actually a nickname from my kid days when I started watching anime - there was this anime B-Daman or smth with a character named Enjo and well friends started calling me that xD ofc after some time and few typos on skype they turned it into Nejo then Neji then back to Nejo then Snejo and now they call me Enjo/Nejo yep.. pretty much that's the story behind my name

tl;dr just call me Enjo ;D

Yeah so i'm from Bulgaria (currently studying and living in Germany), 19 years old...

Hobbies: hmm editing? gaming? programming? wasting time walking 20 km around the city cuz i have nothing better to do with my life XD...

Professional status : just as I said i'm a student at the moment hopefully in the future i'll become a game designer ;d my dream is to recreate the nerve gear and trap half of the world inside a game (no seriously that's my dream) so don't even thing about creating Virtual reality gear before me!

Favourite Band : hmm many and it really depends on how i'm feeling so I won't tell any of them but i'm editing mainly on fav bands so you can learn them from my edits ;D

Gaming: yeah i game "a lot" or not really I would love to play games a lot but I don't have the PC and internet connection for this (or the time). I don't own any consoles or anything (at the moment at least but sometime in the future i'm gonna get something for sure just need some more free time from university xD).. otherwise I'm playing on a crappy laptop with i5 2450m 2.5 GHz, 6GB Ram and GTX 520mx (crappy video I know) that's a pretty old laptop I got one and a half year ago (if not more - probably 2 already i don't remember).

Fav Games:

-single player: DMC Series, Diablo 2 (classic), Starcraft 1/2, The Elder Scroll Series (played Oblivion a lot back in the days now i'm stuck no-lifing on Skyrim), Flatout maybe? ... well that's it for the single player games I think not a big fan of playing alone ;D
online: hmm fav's I don't have I always get bored after a while but right now i'm stuck on Path of Exile (the real diablo 3 as many call it) I've been playing it for over a year and I love it probably won't stop it any time soon.. and sometimes and going in to Tera (playing on the NA server) and playing some Crossfire with a friend but that game sux good enough for wasting time and trolling noobs xD well that's about it. I'm still waiting for a few games to come out like Blade and Soul NA, Elders Scrolls Online, Black Desert Online (which won't be any time soon).. and thinking of getting BF4 or CoD Ghost (can't decide really) and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn but probably won't anytime soon .. at least not until I get a nice gaming build PC...

Fav manga: not much of a manga reader I'm reading mainly the big names: One Piece, Fairy Tail, Naruto ;D

Fav anime: yeah that's a hard one I've got plenty .. really many (MyAnimeList Very Happy)

Relationship: Married to my bed

Yeahhhhh that was a long post with awful coloring but yeah i think that's the most unimportant info about me so cya around everyone XD
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PostSubject: Re: FIRST!!! SUP guys :D   Thu 26 Dec 2013, 11:01

HELLO !!!!! WE WELCOME YOU HERE!!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!!!!  Evil  Evil  Evil  Evil
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FIRST!!! SUP guys :D
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