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 Hello!!! MARIS IS HERE!!!

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PostSubject: Hello!!! MARIS IS HERE!!!   Thu 26 Dec 2013, 11:21


  It's me MARIS!!! Yap, that's my name! I know that Very Happy Alright, what should I start with? Hmmm, ohh, right. I'm 17 Years old and on 10th March I will be 18, yap 18  O_O ... That was fast!!! I live in Latvia and NO! I'm not drinking like crazy, because lot of people think, that Eastern Europe are alcholocis, narcomans and stuff... OBVIOUS, That it's bullshit!!! Anyway... And atm. I'm studying at Tehnical School... Speciality -> Programmer Razz 

  Alright, my Passion, Hobbies -> I'm now focusing a lot to sport! I was fat, slow, nothing special I could say... But when I started study at this school, I got new friends, and basiclly, we all started working out at GYM... And more, more, more!!! Now I'm going to GYM [active = 5 days workdays], playing sometimes VolleyBall, training Boxing, learning some nice moves with Jump Rope and running a lot of KM!!!
  At the same time, I'm studying as Programmer, and sometimes go out with friends (not so often these days :[[), have no time for it... Amm, of course I'm editing, and playing games sometimes...

  Okay, now I need to tell about my favorite thinks... blablablabla... I don't know if someone cares? BUT OKAY!!!

  My Favorite Band/Music - Hmmm.... Amm... Not one, I like any type of songs! So I'm listening a lot of different bands and their styles!!! Strange right? <.< NOP!!! Muhahahahaha!!!

  My Favorite Games/Platform - PC OBVIOUS!!! Muhahaha!!! Amm, Favorite games... Hmm... I should say Dota 2, that's the game I'm playing mostly... But I'm trying to get rid of it... It's hard  ; (  Then there are few other games I enjoed - DMC, Civilization, NFS World, GMod etc... 

  My Favorite Anime/Manga - Anime, of course Code Geass!!! Best Anime ever made!!! Next, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, Shingeku and etc.... You can check out my anime list ( I made a while ago ) -- > http://myanimelist.net/animelist/maricx < ---- Favorite Manga, hmm.. Haven't readed a lot, but I should say... Freezing I guess...

  Hmmm, I think that's it, I pretty much said everything about my self... So I'm pretty bussy, but I still got some time for all of you ^^ Hmmm, that's it I guess.. Alright... If you're interested in more about me? Then ask in the comments Razz 

  ~ Maris
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Hello!!! MARIS IS HERE!!!
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